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Automates the process of making certificate of insurance issuance and management.

CertificatesNow provides a collection of unique features that relieves the burden of certificate issuance and management.

From renewal batch delivery features through activity reports of issuance, this application will deliver labor and cost efficiencies to all your staff engaged in issuing certificates.

Create, Manage & Distribute

  • Certificates of Insurance
  • Evidence of Property
  • Auto ID Cards
  • Cancellation & Reinstatement Notices

The Certificate Issuance Solution:

CertificatesNow has become the industry standard for the complete, secure and effortless process of managing the above mentioned documents for agencies, brokers, carriers and their insureds.

CertificatesNow is supported by the insurance professionals who understand the importance of issuing insurance certificates quickly, accurately and cost-effectively. Our first-hand industry knowledge enhances our clients' ability to respond to their customers' needs-keeping them on job sites, their vehicles on the road, providing prompt bid request responses, or closing escrows.

CertificatesNow is the most feature-rich, secure and reliable online Certificate of Insurance and Auto ID Card management system available in today's market. Its development has been a direct result of feedback from our customers and their needs.


It completely automates certificate and Auto ID creation, delivery, storage and management.


It quickly and easily issues or renews small and large volumes of certificates and Auto ID cards, and delivers them by email, fax or postal service.


It meets your business requirements for ISO and ACORD forms, Auto ID cards, attachments and endorsements, cancellations and reinstatements, and comprehensive reporting.

How CertificatesNow works

CertificatesNow requires no special software, special hardware, or lengthy training. EbixRCS hosts the application on the Internet, using state-of-the-art technology from leading providers that ensures your certificates are stored safely and securely for up to ten years.

Certificate Renewal Processing:

Because CertificatesNow remembers the unique Description of Operations, Excess Liability limits and delivery method of the original certificate, renewals are as simple as updating the renewal list to identify which certificates are no longer needed. Customers report saving weeks of effort on renewals, with better and more accurate results.

Flexible Certificate Services:

It easily includes ISO or custom attachments whenever required. Description of Operations can be set by the master certificate or certificate holder/recipient. Customized cover sheets and digitized signatures can be added. You can also send Auto ID documents for all 50 states.

Batch Certificate Delivery Processing:

Batch delivery of certificates utilizing the data upload process allows the immediate delivery of hundreds or thousands of certificates at once. It saves you time that you can spend consulting with clients. The Batch Renewal process facilitates the delivery of all renewal certificates at one time.

Certificate Self Service by Insureds:

CertificatesNow's automated certificate service lets you maintain control of policy data for the clients you have authorized for self-service. A CSR sets up the master certificate, indicating insurance coverage and limits. Insureds can't modify coverage, other than to reduce the amount of Excess Liability shown on the certificate. Your clients enjoy the benefit of sending their own certificates 24/7.

Corporate Office Features:

CertificatesNow includes flexible features for managing multiple locations under a single subscriber account. For example, branch personnel can access certificates pertaining to their branch only, while corporate users can access certificates or run aggregate reports for all branches.

Reduce E&O Exposure:

CertificatesNow includes cancellations and reinstatement processing. A unique identifier is assigned to each transaction, providing complete history of all documents in the system. The history of a certificate can never be amended, changed or deleted, thus providing perfect integrity of your historical documentation.

CertificatesNow Technology


We have developed an architecture that can easily be scaled to meet the increasing demands of our applications. Our goal is to provide you with the most reliable system that you have come to depend on. CertificatesNow customers issue millions of certificates of insurance each year. We consider CertificatesNow to be the state of the art certificate issuance software tool and have designed it as such.

The following features have been employed in order to provide our clients with the highest level of service:

  • Redundant network devices and servers
  • Multi-tiered architecture, where each tier can be horizontally scaled
  • Use of third-party professionals to handle high volume faxing and mailing
  • Regularly scheduled backups of all servers
  • Backup media is maintained at an off-site location
  • Maintenance of all system and application logs
  • Disaster recovery capabilities
  • Scheduled maintenance and downtime
  • Use of SSL to safely encrypt all customer data between their client computers and our applications
  • Servers are housed at a secure, co-location facility that provides various levels of physical and environmental security

All of our systems are automatically monitored, both internally and externally. Our servers and software are updated on a regular basis to address various security updates as well as to maintain good system performance. Any issue that may arise with our system, whether it is software or hardware-related, is addressed with the utmost urgency 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


EbixRCS is continuously improving its service by incorporating CertificatesNow enhancements about once per quarter. These enhancements include new feature requests from our customers and overall improvements to overall workflow. All upgrades performed on CertificatesNow applications are backwards compatible with all previous releases. Each release is tested thoroughly by EbixRCS's QA team, which uses test plans, scripting tools, load test tools and ad hoc testing to ensure that all existing features continue to work properly as each new piece of functionality is developed. All existing and new functionality is tested in two environments (development and staging) before it is released to the production environment.


EbixRCS currently utilizes two methods for data transfer capabilities. The first method that we provide for data transfer is through the development of a custom integration. Our custom integrations provide support for the following data formats:

  • Fixed-length
  • Comma-delimited
  • XML

The second method is a direct transfer to our database. Our proprietary file upload tool allows users to transfer data from their systems into our issuance engine. In addition, EbixRCS will transfer any data requested back to a client's system in the format of their choice.

EbixRCS has created a flexible and open architecture that can be adapted to support integration to any customer's existing management system architecture. An HTTPS and Web Services programming interface is available using SSL certificates, which can be easily tailored to support data exchange with any system.

CertificatesNow Implementation

EbixRCS prides itself on quick and accurate implementation, which can occur in as little as three weeks. Our goal is to make the implementation process as proficient as possible, so that the simple, seamless and cost effective certificate issuance is a reality, no longer a goal. Our team works with you to obtain the necessary information for your account and understand how best to organize your data so it is functional and accessible for you and your staff. This may include using our proprietary data scrubber to upload your existing data for our CertificatesNow issuance product as well as arrange for a live data feed from your corporate site to our database.

These tools allow our CertificatesNow implementation team to upload and organize your information as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our primary goal is to automate as much of the setup as possible to ensure an efficient and accurate implementation process. Once your account is created we will gladly assist with user set up as well as train and support your users in your CertificatesNow account.


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